Piano & Pool Table Removals – Red X Transport

Red X specialises in the removal of delicate and heavy items such as pianos and pool tables. We use the highest quality equipment to ensure the secure and safe removal of such items from your premises to their new location.

Our removalists dismantle the pool table to transfer the pieces safely and prevent any damage occurring during removal to and from your set locations. We have expertise in moving all types of pianos, including grand pianos, pianolas, etc. Trolleys are used to move the heavier items, and everything is loaded into the truck using hydraulic tailgates. Each piece is wrapped in furniture blankets to prevent scratches or marks during transport and tied securely into the truck to ensure no shifting occurs.

All of our vehicles are equipped with airbag suspension to ensure that every transit is smooth so no damage can occur to your goods. We make sure that your items are placed where you want them to be, including putting any dismantled items back to together securely.

If you would like a quote please complete our A Few Items Quote form and you will receive a reply within 24 hours alternatively please call us on (03)9369 2019 to speak to one of our helpful staff members.