Shipping Container Storage – Red X transport

Red X provides storage and international transport options using shipping containers. Our shipping containers hold 33 cubic metres of capacity, which is ideal for storing or transporting a full household of belongings, commercial goods, office materials and others.

Our removalists will come to you with the shipping container to load all your items straight in. We ensure everything is secured and protected using furniture blankets and tying everything into the container to prevent any damage occurring during transit or while in storage.

Once everything is loaded and secure, we lock the container using one of our locks, or you can provide your own, and we transport the container either to our storage facility or to the docks for further transport.

Our storage facility is secure and monitored constantly, we ensure that our facility is maintained and cleaned regularly so you can be assured your goods are safe and secure.

If you would like a quote please complete our Storage Quote form and you will receive a reply within 24 hours alternatively please call us on (03)9369 2019 to speak to one of our helpful staff members.