Testimonials – Red X Transport


George Tastarkis –  Glen Iris 

Hi guys,

Wanted to thank you for storing my stuff while I was traveling. I had such a great time overseas, I didn’t have to think about paying rent, only your cheap storage fees. It was so much easier to just bring the unit over to me and put everything in straight away. Instead of having to organise a unit, organise removalists, then on the day then having to move everything into a truck, then into storage. I just stayed at home and packed.

And then when I got home to my new place, all my things were exactly the same as I remembered.

Thanks again,



Paul Dawson –  Northcote 

Hi Terry,

Your advice was spot on mate. I hate packing, so when you suggested I get some of your blokes to help me do it, well, I couldn’t have been more impressed. Saved me the pain of doing it myself. I even learnt a thing or two about setting out my things. When I got to the new place, everything was so well-packed up that me and Chris unpacked it all within an hour. Unfortunately, knowing my own habits, things won’t be this organised for long. But I’m enjoying it while it lasts.

Cheers mate.



Melinda Grenech –  Melbourne to Sydney

Dear Red X Transport,

Wow, what a week. But we’re here, in Sydney – me and my fiancé, Bobby, just moved here from Melbourne to start new jobs and a family. The guys had to follow us around, collecting things from my old place, Bobby’s old place, storage, and my parents’ place. They were so patient and fast too. Then they had to go all the way interstate with all our stuff. My god! And here we are! Everything arrived here within a couple of days and they unloaded our things where we asked. So helpful. If you can pass on my thanks to James & Luke, I’d appreciate it.

Thanks guys,



Fiona Clampton – Hawthorn to Richmond

Hi Terry,

Thank you and thank Wes & Jim so much for getting me to my new place in Richmond. Your quoted price was the cheapest I could find, I was only moving from Hawthorn, but for some reason that was so much more expensive with other removalists. I would’ve done it myself, but that would have taken me at least a week on my own. I’m so glad I got you guys to help, it only took about an hour. I didn’t even do anything.

Thank you,

Fiona Clampton


Claire Jennings – Armadale 

Dear Red X and Terry,

My new shop looks fantastic, and I’m just doing the rounds to thank everyone who helped out. And you were a big part of setting it all up just how I wanted it. I have to admit I was so nervous with moving all the delicate trinkets, the ornaments and whatnot, but I didn’t need to be. Everything made it here easily.

And I have to thank you all for your patience with me installing the shelves and displays. Oh gosh, as embarrassed as I am, it just didn’t look right the way I had planned it, but it’s perfect now. So thank you to everyone involved.

Kindest Regards



Mark Geary – St Kilda to Melbourne

To whom it may concern,

On behalf of everyone here at our office, thank you for moving our office goods from St Kilda to our new premises in the city. Your whole business presented a friendly demeanor that was organised and efficient. Which we are all grateful for here.

Many thanks and regards.

Mark Geary


Daniel Wilson- Middle Park to Fairfield

Hi Terry,

Our move went swiftly yesterday from Middle Park to Fairfield, and I wanted to thank you quickly for your help.

I didn’t realise how many odd and difficult pieces we had at home until we had to think about the move. The billiard table was a major concern, as was Jeffrey’s gym equipment (which he continues to claim he’ll use – we’ll see). Even the pots from our garden that we have set up now and don’t seem to be affected by any shifting or transport at all. But it all went smoothly, and we have you and your team to thank for that.

All the best,

Wilson family.


Marcus Veridy-  Melbourne to Canada

Hi Red X and friends,

Just wanted to let you know our belongings arrived today at our new home in Canada. Thank you for helping us organise the shipping container to get us all over here at such a great price. We didn’t know what we were going to do with our house full of stuff, the house that we’d set up in Melbourne without knowing we’d be moving overseas! Bit scary, but so glad we were able to keep all our things with us. It makes such a difference having familiar belongings around you in a foreign place.

Thank you and we’ll be thinking of you guys when we move back :)


Alan Bloomfield- Moonee Ponds to North Melbourne

Dear Terry,

Thank you for your advice and the professional service that followed with my move from Moonee Ponds to North Melbourne.

My work took priority at the time of moving home, which as you can imagine caused me some stress. I didn’t even realise you could get people to pack and unpack for you. Brilliant. Now my girlfriend and I are happily settled in together, although I don’t know where anything is because she helped with the unpacking while I was at work, but the moving house part was something I didn’t have to worry about.