About Us

About Redx


Redx Technologies Australia (“Redx™”) is one of Australia’s fastest-growing inverter technology companies with world-first, game changing patented technologies.

Redx™ ’s passion for technology is embedded deep in its DNA and was founded in 2016 by University Professor Jonathan Chen.

Accelerating growth and advanced technology is shaping Redx™ to be a leader in the research and development of DC-DC and DC-AC inverters.

As a leader of innovation, Redx™ proudly holds 30+ technology patents that are world first and ground breaking in inverter topologies.

Trusted by some of Australia’s leading businesses, Redx™ is helping shape the future of energy globally.

Innovation Driven


Building on our base of strong electronic inverter expertise, innovation is central to Redx™ and the way we add value to the varied sectors in which we operate.

Our values are reflected particularly in the inverter technologies and software services.

Quality Driven


Redx™ ’s core product development has been the RX series inverter and has passed the certification and test of many international certification agencies such as TÜV, SSA Global, CE and the Clean Energy Council.

By December 2022, the company will have systems installed in the global market.