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We understand, design, and optimise energy storage systems through patented technology solutions

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The innovation lies at the heart of what we do at Redx™ Research. We pave the way for future possibilities by creating practical technology solutions with versatile applications across a multitude of sectors. Redx™ Research serves as a vital conduit connecting people, business, and technology. Alongside our partners, we turn ambitious ideas into reality.

Our goal at Redx™ Research is to invent the technology of tomorrow for the evolving needs of industries. We recognize that these needs are in a state of perpetual flux due to our dynamic world. By positioning ourselves at the forefront, we aim to build the future with our trailblazing solutions.


E-Capless™ Technology revolutionizes the conventional inverter design by introducing a novel inverter topology that does away with electrolytic capacitors. These capacitors are typically the weakest link in an inverter, prone to early failure. Our innovative approach eradicates the need for these electrolytic capacitors, resulting in a slew of benefits: it brings down hardware costs, reduces the weight, and enhances the inverter’s lifespan by 30%. This ultimately translates into substantial savings on the total cost of the hardware components.

Development Road Map

Research & Development


As one of Australia’s leading companies in inverter systems, Redx™ is committed to advancing power conversion technology. Redx™ embarked on its innovative journey in 2013 when it filed for its inaugural patent. Since then, it has consistently introduced groundbreaking technology and established in-house research facilities dedicated to ongoing research, development, and product testing for advanced development and tailored client solutions.

Redx™’s primary laboratory, located at our headquarters in Gold Coast City, Australia, is responsible for all design and engineering for new products. We also operate an international R&D centre in Shenzen, China. Our labs are outfitted with comprehensive DC and AC testing equipment, Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) testing, and other electrical testing apparatus. Our team comprises experienced engineers, testing experts, and electricians, providing a well-rounded R&D team.

Inverter Technology Leaders

The pioneering inverter technology crafted by Redx™ Technology Australia represents a global first and a revolutionary breakthrough set to transform the industry’s DC-DC and AC-DC inverter topologies. This innovative technology paves the way for enhanced efficiencies, compact designs, and a substantial reduction in manufacturing costs, thus heralding numerous opportunities.

Custom-Designed Hardware for Your Next Project

Australian Patented Technology


What sets Redx™ Technology apart from our competitors is our unique patented inverter technology. These unique technology advantages allow Redx™ a leading technological edge to provide new solutions to existing problems. Proudly designed and engineered in Australia. Redx™ has over 30+ patents in electronics inverter technologies.

FWS Inverter

Palm size 1500w Micro Inverter

  • Hand sized
  • Reduce manufacturing cost
  • Reduce size of hardware
  • Using conventional MOSFETs to achieve 99% efficiency
  • Non-series structure to achieve bi directional energy flow


Electrolytic Capacitorless Technology

  • World First Technologies
  • No Electrolytic Capacitors
  • Reduce manufacturing cost
  • Reduce size of hardware
  • Increased lifespan 30%


Software Solutions

  • VPP Ready
  • Super fast response
  • Embedded Software into Inverter
  • Wifi/4S485/4G connections
  • Web Based
  • IOS/Android

Single Stage DC-AC

Single Stage DC-AC Technologies

  • World First Technologies
  • Ultra High Efficiencies
  • Reduce manufacturing cost
  • Reduce size of hardware

Software Technology Leaders

Redx™ Software R&D team based in Australia have developed an APP and Web based software solution. Software is the key part to the success of our inverters. All Redx™ Inverters have been designed with embedded software, eliminating the need for third party monitoring devices for VPP operation.