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1   Warranty does not affect Consumer Guarantees

a. The Goods and Services supplied by Redx Technology Australia Pty Ltd (“Redx”) are subject to the Consumer Guarantees contained in the Australian Consumer Law 2010 (”ACL”) with Redx as the Supplier and the End-User as the Consumer if the Goods and Services are those ordinarily supplied for personal, domestic or household use or are otherwise for a Price of less than $40,000.
b. Nothing in these Warranty Terms shall limit, modify or reduce the rights of the End-User consumers or the obligations of Redx under the ACL.
c. The rights of the End-User consumer and the obligations of Redx provided for in these Warranty Terms are in addition to those under the ACL.


2   Application

Redx gives the following Standard Warranties against defects set out in these Terms. These Warranties are applicable only for Australia and New Zealand for the following energy storage systems:RX-2505AC; RX-2505PU; RX-2505PW; RX-5000AC; RX-5000HY; RX-7000HY; RX-0050.


3   Standard Warranty

Redx warrants that:


Subject to the Exclusions and Limitations below the storage system will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of Seven (7) years from the date of installation of the RX-2505AC; RX-2505PU; RX-2505PW; but no more than Eight (8) years from the manufacturing date of
RX-2505AC; RX-2505PU; RX-2505PW; (whichever comes first).

Subject to the Exclusions and Limitations below the storage system will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of Ten (10) years from the date of installation of RX-5000AC; RX-5000HY; RX-7000HY, but no more than Eleven (11) years from the manufacturing date of RX-5000AC; RX-5000HY; RX-7000HY (whichever comes first).

Subject to the Exclusions and Limitations below the storage system will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of Ten (10) years from the date of installation of RX-0050 battery module, but no more than Eleven (11) years from the manufacturing date of RX-0050 battery module (whichever comes first).

b. All Redx authorised Dealers and Distributors are required to complete a Redx Warranty Card in the event of a claim.


4   Non Transferrable

Redx warrants that:

a. Redx’s Standard Warranties are only provided to the original purchaser of the storage system and Accessory from Redx and where the Purchaser is a distributor, solar retailer or Clean Energy Council accredited who on-supplies the storage system and Accessory to another party, to that other party who is the End-User.
b. Subject to the above, Redx’s Standard Warranties are not otherwise transferrable.


5   Exclusions

The warranty provided in clauses 3 and 4 above does not apply if and when:

1. The Warranty Card is not returned to Distributor/Dealer or Redx. or the End-User has not completed their Warranty Registration as described above.
2. The product is modified, the design is changed, or parts are replaced by an unauthorized party not pre-approved by Redx specifically to do so.
3. Modifications, changes, or attempted repairs are made or serial numbers/seals/certification marks are erased by anyone not pre-approved by Redx specifically to do so.
4. The fault in the Goods is the result of improper installation, operation, commissioning, or transport or there has been a failure on the part of the Distributor or the End-User to comply with the operating instructions supplied with the Goods or applicable installation standards; or safety regulations (VDE standards, etc.).
5. The Goods have been improperly stored or damaged while in possession of the Dealer or End User.
6. A claim to cover transportation damage or scratches caused by the shipping company must be filed with an insurance company when containers are unloaded, and enough evidence is gathered to support the claim.
7. There has been a failure to observe and follow guidelines in the user manual, installation guide, and any applicable maintenance regulations.
8. There was insufficient ventilation provided for the Goods in its installation.
9. There has been sub-standard maintenance and service on the part of the End-User.
10. The defect is due to a force majeure including but not limited to lightning, overvoltage, storm, fire, flood, or other weather events..
11. The fault has been caused by another component in the photovoltaic system of the End User which has not been supplied or installed by Redx
12. The Goods were used as the component of a product which is the subject of another warranty provided by another manufacturer or supplier.
13. The original identification (trademark, serial number(s), etc.) markings of the Goods have been defaced, altered, or removed.
14. The Redx product is disassembled and rebuilt outside of a replacement process conducted by Redx.
15. The damage does not impair the function of the Redx storage system and is of a purely cosmetic nature.
16. The product was installed outside of Australia.
17. The entire Purchase price agreed for the Goods & Services has still not been paid to Redx.
18. The fault is caused by a loss of electrical power unrelated to the operation of the Goods.


6   Limitation of Liability


Redx shall not be liable for any;

(i) consequential or indirect loss arising from any fault; or
(ii) loss of profits or business interruption

caused by any fault.


To the extent permitted by law, the liability of Redx under this warranty shall be limited to the:

(i) repair or replacement of the Goods with refurbished Goods of the same model and specifications and of no greater age than the Goods originally supplied; and
(ii) the re-doing or reinstatement of any Services;
c. If Redx is reasonably unable to provide b(i) and (ii) above, it may pay the cost of those remedies to the End User and such payment shall be a full and final discharge of this warranty in relation to the fault which is the subject of the End-User’s claim


7   Warranty Claim Process

In the event of a fault, the End-User should contact the Installer from whom the product was purchased to arrange preliminary troubleshooting and who will contact Redx if necessary. If the product is suspected to be faulty, the End-User or the Installer should lodge a warranty claim (Claimant) with the supporting documents via an online warranty claim( and contact details set out below:

a. All the information requested in the warranty claim form.
b. Copy of the invoice, receipt, commission report or any other document which provides proof of purchase of the unit.
c. Details of how we can contact you.