Redx Power™

Redx™ cloud-based software solutions enable users to monitor and control their installed solar and energy storage devices. For sales companies and installers, our web software provides both global-level and local-level information for fleet management. For end-customers, our app software on smartphones or tablets offers real-time information on the hardware operation. In addition, we provide software API for system integrators to access and manage our energy storage products in VPP and other applications.

This web application provides features of complete visibility on your system’s performance, the flow of energy, and dynamic charts. You can view how much energy your PV array generates as a system and per panel, and how much of that energy is being stored in the battery and consumed. Check your system’s status on the web or simply download it from app stores.


Fleet Management

Redx Power™ is a web-portal software designed for Redx™ partnered sales companies and installers, providing access to battery/solar/wind operation and performance management data. The platform offers critical information at various levels of granularity, from fleet-level summaries to device-level details, updated in real-time. Live notifications ensure that all sites are monitored 24/7, and the software is also available for end-users interested in their installed Redx™ products.


Geolocation Overview

By utilizing our distinctive web-portal software, users can easily access a map that displays each planned or commissioned site. This tool streamlines work processes by simplifying the scheduling of maintenance and reducing travel time to specific geographic locations. With a simple glance, the user is able to determine the operational status of each site, as the software utilizes a colour-coded system to differentiate between batteries that are operating smoothly and those that require further attention.


Simplified UI

The Redx power™ app for smartphones or tablets is designed for both installers and end-customers of Redx™ products. Installers can use the app to activate products quickly and identify errors while still onsite to save time for potential revisits. End customers can use the app to view solar and battery information in a simple, intuitive energy-flow animation, estimate money savings based on electricity rates, and see their contributions to environmental protection by reducing CO2 emissions.