Case Study

An off-grid Solution for a Tiny Home


A case study featuring an off-grid energy solution for a tiny home is showcased in which the customer had an off-grid energy system supplied and installed by Redx™ Technology. The results of the project were exceptional, with the customer successfully achieving 100% off-grid living in his tiny home project.

Why the customer chooses Redx™


We were contacted by a customer who was in the midst of a small home project. The customer expressed interest in a sustainable energy system as an alternative to the more conventional and occasionally pricey grid-connected system, which would provide for their energy requirements. Their preference was for a wholly off-grid solution that was environmentally friendly, with minimal upkeep and operating expenses.

Following consultation with our team, the customer opted to proceed with the project. Our team then conducted a site visit in order to assess and identify the most suitable options for the project. During the needs assessment, we carefully listened to the customer’s requirements and took into account the number and timing of appliances that they utilize.

Our team recommended an all-inclusive off-grid solution to the customer, which was not only comprehensive but also very cost-effective. This solution incorporated solar panels and a battery system, and when the customer expressed curiosity about wind power, we informed him that it was feasible and that he could add a turbine to the system at a later stage if he wished. Following a thorough review of our recommendations, the customer agreed to proceed with the proposed solution.

The How Part

We decided to go with 4 solar panels of 415W each. The house was tiny, but it needed enough energy for a refrigerator, air conditioner, lights, cooking oven, and other appliances. The Redx™ team installed one RX2505 PU which is specifically designed for off-grid applications with an outdoor enclosure to the side of the house.

To ensure a steady supply of electricity at night time when the sun is not shining, a battery was included in the solution. As this was an off-grid solution, the battery capacity had to be sufficient for when solar or wind energy was not available.


The Results

The tiny home is now running completely off-grid, powered independently, with control in the hands of the owner. Our innovative system helps the customer monitor and analyse energy production and consumption.

Now the customer runs his tiny home with the tap of his finger. With an upfront investment, he will have many years of free energy supply.


Powered by renewable energy


Decrease in Carbon footprint


Decrease in Grid Energy Cost

Why should you go for this?

Save Money 

Once you are done with the installation, the 2505PU off-grid energy system will supply all the electricity for your daily needs for your tiny homes, caravans, or remote sheds at 0 cost. And you don’t need to worry about the electricity supply charges and the growing electricity rates anymore. Our primary renewable sources are solar panels or wind turbines, which will never run out.

Apart from a meagre maintenance cost, your energy needs will be met for free. Solar panels have a life expectancy of at least 25-40 years before they reach their end of life.

Decentralised system

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if you could control your energy supply without any grid interference?

With our system, it is possible. A battery backup can help you to go entirely off the grid.

Off-grid systems are not only good if you are looking for an independent design but also the best solution for tiny homes.

You can shift your home freely without worrying about your electricity connections. It works perfectly fine if you live in a sunny area. Be self-reliant in your energy needs by choosing us.

Increase your property value

A home that is self-sufficient in energy will be much more attractive to potential buyers and tenants. Right?

Renewable energy systems increase property value by at least 3-4%. This increase covers the cost you spent on the off-grid energy systems, making your property more lucrative. Return on investment is excellent if your property has this system.

It not only sells faster but on average, but it also gives you a better price as compared to a house running on conventional energy sources.

One tap system

Controlling your energy system becomes much easier with real-time energy consumption and production data.

The Redx Power™ portal helps you to manage your energy needs produced by your solar panels and reduce the dependence on the grid. You can monitor energy production in peak hours, the amount of stored energy and the demand of your loads.

In an off-grid system, this management becomes much more critical because you don’t have any grid to rely on. You can keep an eye on the amount of energy produced and stored. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need a battery?

When we depend on solar or wind power for energy production, there are peak production hours, and in some hours, you hardly see any energy production.

But you need a constant supply to run your house efficiently. So, a battery helps you to store surplus energy produced during peak hours and allows you to use that during the rest of the hours.

What happens when the grid goes down?

That’s where the need for a battery kicks in. Your house won’t run out of energy because your battery will take over and deliver power to your loads.

What size battery do I need?

It depends on your energy requirements, the number and needs of your electronic appliances and the size of your house.

Smaller houses can run on small units, while a bigger one needs a bigger energy storage unit.

Most households can run on a 2-5 kW inverter and 5-10kWh battery.

How can I monitor my battery?

Our Redx™ Energy Storage System is connected to the internet via Wi-fi or 4G; the device can be controlled and monitored remotely from anywhere.  You can easily view real-time energy consumption and storage via the Redx Power™ portal or App.


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