Intellectual Property

What is Our Intellectual Property?

Our products, branding (including the name REDX and associated logos), photos and website are protected by intellectual property laws in Australia and internationally. This includes unregistered and registered rights, including copyright, trademarks and patents (e.g. US Pat. 10476369 for “High-efficiency fully soft-switching single-stage three-level (SS-3) power amplifier”, US Pat. 9780742 for “Super-efficient single-stage isolated switching power amplifier”, US Pat. 20160218686 for “Single stage switching power amplifier with bidirectional energy flow” and other granted and pending patents).

Copyright includes any literary or artistic work on our website, our product photographs, our manuals, our software and our product descriptions. Our trade marks are any pending or registered trade mark in the name of “REDX TECHNOLOGY AUSTRALIA PTY LTD (ACN 614340546)”. Our patents are any patents that are pending or granted in the name of Redx Technology Australia Pty Ltd or Guangdong Redx Electrical Technology Ltd.

Assertion of Ownership

Redx Technology Australia Pty Ltd asserts its ownership over all its Intellectual Property, including pending and registered patents in the name of Guangdong Redx Electrical Technology Ltd and Redx Technology Australia Pty Ltd.